Why brightLET?

We pride ourselves on being innovative, diverse, and having a fresh approach to the property sector. brightLET goes beyond simply advertising properties and instead proposes a marketplace offering all your property needs without the need for an agent.

Happy Customers

We listen to our customers! In fact, we couldn’t have reached this far in our journey without the invaluable feedback we’ve received from running customer focus groups and listening to what customers really want in a technology solution. So, we will keep on listening and working hard to keep our customers happy.

Are you a landlord?

Before launching brightLET, we attended several property networking events, where we asked landlords if they would find it beneficial to use an online solution to manage their rental properties from anywhere in the world - the response we got was amazing! Not only did landlords tell us that this would make their lives much easier, they also said it would save them a lot of agent fees. So, we developed a solution for landlords by gathering their key requirements and developing exactly what they asked for. If you are a landlord reading this, we are 100% sure that you will find the features you need to manage your rental properties within the brightLET solution. This is why we continue to create happy customers, who are saving money and whose tenants and tradespeople are also benefitting.

Are you a tenant?

This solution is completely free for you, which means no application fees! Just make sure you update your profile, so landlords can see all your application details when enquiring for potential properties. Our smart bots and clever AI will match your profile and property requirements, enabling you to find your next rental property 20 x times faster!

Our Team

We have a multi-talented and experienced team, which means you will always get the best experience from using our solution - from skilled customer service representatives who can help guide you through the platform, to expert engineers and creative designers who are dedicated to making the solution user-friendly for you.

Usability & UI

Our platform has been tried and tested by landlords and tenants with varying experiences with technology, and all have found it easy-to-use and self-explanatory. Our community has provided us with regular feedback, we have taken it all on-board and developed our solution to meet their needs. For example, our platform did not initially deal with Homes with Multiple Occupancies (HMO’s) management, however, having been asked to provide a solution that deals with individual tenants, we successfully developed this functionality and made it available to all our customers, at no extra cost. We continue to challenge ourselves to improve our usability and the way that customers interact with our platform.

Affordable Pricing

Our solution is far cheaper than the traditional approach of using an estate agent, or independently managing a property using off-the-shelf products or your own paper-based method. Whilst it’s true that using our platform will take up a little bit of your time, we think the fact that you will not need to give away 10% of your rental income to an estate agent every month will make it worthwhile. So, what are you waiting for? Sign-up now for free and see how we could genuinely save you money!

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Barclays Entrepreneurs Best Innovative Start-Up
Natwest GBEA
KPMG Best British Mobile Start-Up
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