Property management that saves you £1,350 per property!

At brightLET, we want landlords to personally benefit from managing their property portfolio efficiently and smarter! This is why, with our property management solution, you can expect it to essentially act as an automated landlord.

Tenancy Agreement

Create & Sign Tenancies

No need for DocuSign or HelloSign! You can create tenancy agreements with your tenants in less than 2 minutes. You have the option of uploading your own tenancy agreement or using our bespoke tenancy. Once uploaded, simply sign and send to your tenant for a countersignature.

Message Center

Secure Messaging

A communications channel accessible at any time, that enables clear lines of communication, with a full audit trail, with your trusted tenants and tradespeople! Not only this, but each message will appear with a date/time receipt when the message has been read.

Maintenance Issues

Resolve Maintenance

Your tenants can report maintenance issues that have occurred in the rental property, as a landlord you are able to respond immediately by booking in your trusted tradesperson from anywhere in the world.

Important Reminders

Stay Compliant

As a landlord, you will not have to worry about forgetting those important milestones that help you stay legally compliant, as our bots will always remind you. You can set your own custom reminders and we also have clever built in processes to always remind you.

Audit History

Audit History

From the point of your property being let out, until the tenancy ends with your tenant, every action related to the tenancy between you and your tenant is logged as a record, so it can help you with any tenant disputes. You can also download your tenancy history in a PDF format.


Bots & Automation

At brightLET, we want to make your day as easy as possible, and this is why we have introduced heavy automation and bots, which keep you up-to-date with important tasks, reminders, appointments, and creating rents and expenses to reduce admin work for you.

Property Rent

Rent Management

As a landlord, you can gain insights of completed, partial and unpaid payments for each tenant in your rental property. You also have the ability to download a rent sheet in PDF format for each property to give to your accountant.

Property Expenses

Property Expenses

Add all your property related expenses on the move, and upload each expense receipt, which will be securely stored for you. If you have a repeating expense, then let our clever bots automatically create this for you, to help save you admin costs and time.

Financial Statement

Financial Statement

Access a detailed financial dashboard that contains your gross rent, net yields, incoming rent, and outgoing expenses for your property portfolio. We will show you an expected guideline of what tax you will pay, whether you are a Sole Trader, Limited Company, or an SPV.


Arrange Appointments

By law, you have to notify your tenants 24 hours before visiting the property. Using our solution will allow you to arrange appointments and log a record for audit trail. The appointment will be sent to your tenant for approval and we will also remind you on the day of the appointment.

Documents Center

Documents Storage

You can securely store documents unique to your property and/or serve important documents like a rent guide or an EPC with your tenants. You can also choose to create permissions around who can view the documents of a property, which is great for HMO tenants.

Inventory Reports

Inventory Reports

Create bespoke and fully flexible inventory reports to save yourself £150 per inventory report. You can add fixtures, fittings, and photos as proof of evidence. A great way of protecting you for deposit disputes in case you may need to recover funds from deposits.

Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports

Create a walk-through check-in inspection report with your tenant present at your rental property. We like to make life easy for our landlords, so we have helped you populate the report based on industry best practices. You can simply send it to your tenant(s) for approval.

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