Our Vision & Mission

We are working very hard every minute and hour of the day to complete the small pieces of the jigsaw that will create the final product - our vision! We can only reach our vision by listening to our customers to create a simple, cost-effective, and easy-to-use solution.

Mission Statement

We want to become a world leader in the real estate and property market - we have the right team and talent to make brightLET a global property technology company. The challenges we face will make us stronger, enabling us to get closer to what our customers want to see.

Technology & Innovation

Our vision keeps us ahead of the game. We are constantly updating our solution based on recommendations from our customers (landlords, tenants, and tradespeople), allowing us to offer a unique, innovative and creative technology solution that our customers want to see!

Our Culture

Our team loves working at brightLET! We all share the same drive and passion to continuously improve our software and user experience for all our customers. Plus, we all make an effort to explore and implement suggestions from our staff, that we then take to our customers to see if they would like to see this in our solution, as we strongly believe that the customer is always king!

Our work environment is open, diverse and encouraging, with our flexible working hours ensuring that we get the best from our team and keep their energy levels up.

Social Responsibility

We believe there are people out there that have lost their job and circumstances have made them homeless. Everyone has a talent, equally, they have dreams and ambitions, this is why we want to give a chance to those who want to do something about their life, by offering them a job whenever we have a role available. We have already created a framework to build their confidence, provide support and training for them to become the best in what they do!

We believe in this, as our Founder & CEO, Camran Khan had experienced something similar with a homeless person during his time in London. In December 2015, Camran was coming out of a coffee shop in Covent Garden, when he suddenly met a homeless person asking him for some money. Camran offered him a drink, as he had no money on him! As soon as the homeless person spoke, our Founder was taken back with how eloquently the homeless person spoke. Camran made time to listen to his story and realised that this person never wanted to be homeless, he genuinely wanted to get back into work and do something about his life. As it was approaching Christmas time, Camran decided to pay for his train ticket, so he could go back to his family in Manchester and spend the festive season with them.

It was a real shame, that our Founder never took his contact details as he would love to know what he is up to now? We would genuinely like to wish him the best and hope to find him again one day.

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Awards and recognition from...

Barclays Entrepreneurs Best Innovative Start-Up
Natwest GBEA
KPMG Best British Mobile Start-Up
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